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I wrote a poem the other day that I thought I'd share here. I'm adding it to my poetry book I'm writing as well.

Here it is:

God's Call

God's call is for one and all,
especially those who fall.
God's call gives you a choice to obey,
or to turn away.
Some choices are hard,
but end with a great reward.
A reward that never fades
likes a pair of shades.

God's call is for good.
Will you do what you should?
The reward will be so great
that I can hardly wait
to start enjoying what I've missed
since a serpent learned to hiss
sweet nothings in the ear
of one that God held dear.

Since the fall, the world has been hell for all.
Those who follow God have had a difficult path to trod.

How much longer must mankind wait
until we can see the pearly gate
that awaits us at the entrance to a place
that is the home of God's saving grace?

God does not want us to fall,
so we must heed the instructions when we hear God's call.

Now I'm going to answer Unit 8's weekly question from my Ex…

"Mine, mine, mine!"

The following two paragraphs are from my work in Experiencing God:

Weekly Review Question: 7. What has God done through circumstances that has given you a sense of His timing or direction concerning any aspect of His will?

Seeing Jeremiah and Angela after 18 years. My dad is able to see them one more time on Earth before dying, and he wouldn't have had the chance if he went in his own timing like he wanted to. My dad hasn't died yet, but he wanted to a couple years ago.
"There is not one inch in the entire area of our human life about which Christ, who is Sovereign of all, does not cry out, 'Mine!'" The previous quote was stated by Abraham Kuyper. I found the quote in the book, Heaven, when I was reading the section on resurrection. I wanted to share this particular quote because it made me think of the seagulls in Finding Nemo. Whenever a possible morsel swam by, the gulls would shout, "Mine, mine, mine!" over and over again until they either…


Reincarnation! I was thinking about that today, and what makes people believe in it. I was reading in the book, Heaven, this morning about the final resurrection that is coming up. It was also talking about reincarnation being unchristian to believe in. If that's true, then I am unchristian because I do believe in it. I've had dreams of myself in past lives. How can there be no such thing as reincarnation when things like that happen? Wouldn't something like that make the topic undeniably true?

I like watching the show Ghost Whisperer as well. A recent episode I watched a couple weeks ago dealt with reincarnation. Melinda, the main character, can see dead people and helps them cross over.

In this particular episode, the person she was supposed to help had been angry because they had been reincarnated four times, and was about to do it again. The twist in the episode was that the person was supposed to be reincarnated next as Melinda's own son. Her and her hu…